Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project

HELP Restore Lake Delton Fisheries from the ravages of a recent natural disaster

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    2nd Annual Lake Delton Youth Fishing Jamboree
    June 4, 2011

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  • Lake Delton Project Founders

    Ben Hobbins

    CEO, Lake Resources & IronClads Soft Baits

    Dan Small

    Nationally acclaimed TV and Radio Host

    "After viewing television footage of the disaster, I was looking for a way I could help the people of Lake Delton. I put together a rough outline and called Dan Small, a friend and voice of the Midwest outdoors.

    Working with Dan's input, this project would be enhanced; we could act together as good stewards of the American outdoors for men and women all over the USA. Doing so has always been a goal of mine.

    The American public will come together to support the restoration of the Lake Delton fisheries. A natural disaster of this proportion will not defeat those of this region or it's hard working people."

    - J. Ben Hobbins, June 10, 2008

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Lake Delton

Lake Delton was formed as a freshwater lake when, in 1926, a dam was built, backing up the flow of Dell Creek.  Lake Delton was built to develop the area around the Wisconsin Dells as a tourist attraction and over the years grew into one of the mid-west’s most successful vacation spots. The Lake and the influx of vacationers grew during the years following the Great Depression.  Many resorts, private homes and businesses line the lake shore. The lake is home to the famous Tommy Bartlett’s Thrill Show of acrobatic water skiing performances.

Currently Lake Delton is once again an empty valley surrounding the small stream of Dell Creek. On June 9, 2008, weakened by heavy rains, a portion of the embankment under Highway A, crossing the southeastern side of the lake, just north of the dam, gave way.  The entire 267 acres of water drained out, and into the Wisconsin River, in less than 45 minutes.  The destructive force took with it four lake shore homes, numerous docks and several boats. Fortunately, there were no human casualties in the event.  But life around the Village of Lake Delton, Wisconsin Dells and the area have been seriously affected due to the loss of economic stimulus from the vacationing public.

Efforts are now in motion to restore the lake.  Work in progressing ahead of schedule on the reconstruction of the embankment over which Highway A runs.  The dam and flood gates are also being reinforced and enlarged to add insurance against another such calamity.

The lake is scheduled to begin refilling in late November and is expected to reach ‘pool’ within 3 months; by Spring at the least.

The efforts of the Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project are dedicated to preparing the lake for a successful restocking and restitution of the fishery and structure (reef and crib).

History Links on The Dells and Lake Delton

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